£1.7m UK Lotto Jackpot Won By Syndicate Of Six

A group of six friends discovered they had won the £1.7m UK Lotto jackpot six weeks after the draw on December 7th 2013. What a nice way to start 2014!

The syndicate of friends, who call themselves The Part-Timers, are all former work colleagues and with Christmas being so busy, it was only by chance that one of the members happened to walk past the kiosk in Warrington where they normally buy their tickets. She then decided to check their lottery ticket they’d taken that week when suddenly the machine made a strange ringing sound and the assistant told her she would have to phone Camelot, the UK National Lottery operator. It was only an hour after getting home that syndicate leader Julie Philips remembered to phone the people at Camelot. When they told her that they had a winning ticket, Julie could not believe it and said she thought they meant 17,000 thousand Pounds. She had to be told several times in a row that the prize was in fact an astounding £1.7 million!

The syndicate members are Julie Philips, Joan Holliday, Anne Jones, Sharon Heaton and Christine Cooper, who are all from Warrington. The sixth member has decided to remain anonymous. Each member will receive £293,166 – a fantastic return on their original wager. The members celebrated by opening a bottle of champagne and getting in a takeaway.

The group of friends have played the UK Lottery every week since it started, with the same set of lucky numbers and birthdays, across six lines. They have had a number of small wins previously but this is by far the biggest. Each member has different dreams for how they will spend their winnings, ranging from flying to visit family, to new carpets to paying for extra studies for family.

We wish them happy times and lots of fun planning their spending. The winning line was: 10, 12, 17, 30, 42, 28.

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