EuroMillions Winner Takes Home £148 Million And A New Husband

In anyone’s book, a lottery jackpot of £148 million is a huge amount of money. But what exactly could it buy? Let’s have a look at few things that could top a newly-made millionaire’s shopping list.

You could buy the beautiful Nanuya private island resort in Fiji in the South Pacific for €785,953. It boasts 10 acres, a fully licensed restaurant and comfortable serviced wooden bungalows.

What about your own private Sunseeker Manhattan yacht for £805,682? Check this baby out.

Looking to spend your lottery winnings on a stunning new home instead? A luxury villa in Marbella with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a pool, adjoining a golf course, is going for a mere €875,000.

How about Oscar Wilde’s home, on the market at just over a million Pounds, stylishly renovated on one of Chelsea’s best-known streets. It’s a place redolent with history, where Oscar wrote many of his famous works.

Right! Now that you know what you could buy for £1 million, imagine if you had £148 million? You could buy all the above and still have over £140 million left to go.

So what did recent EuroMillions winner from the UK, Gillian Bayford, do when she won the £148 million jackpot? Well, she bought five Audis, one SUV and four others as gifts for a total of £260,000. Then she gave her husband of nine years, Adrian Bayford, half of the winnings and the house they lived in, dumped him, and got herself the dealer who sold her the Audi cars!

Can you believe that?

It just goes to show: you can buy just about anything if you have enough money!

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