US And Euro Lottery Jackpots Up For Grabs On 17th January 2014

So you never won the big jackpot in the last draw? Well here are the details of what’s up for grabs on Friday 17th January 2014. It’s never too late to win millions … or billions!

EuroMillions has an estimated jackpot of 32 million Euros

EuroJackpot has an estimated jackpot of 10 million

USA Powerball has an estimated jackpot of $41 million

That’s a good few million to get excited about, so get out your lucky numbers, birthday numbers or just go take a random quick pick and have a go! Who knows, today may be the day that you get your sticky little fingers on the big one!

If you want to buy EuroMillions or USA lottery tickets online from South Africa or anywhere else in the world, click here to buy your tickets now!

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